Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Live quiz #23 'Literature' - Question #4 - completed!

The picture below is taken from a music video. Guess which video it is and the artist/group behind it. The theme is literature.

Write your answer under Comments. The person with the first right answer (artist/group + song title) wins! The rules and the scoring are as usual. Good luck!

Clue #1: Eleven years after the song was released, a book named after the song was published.

And we have two winners! Congratulations Mattias and Niklas! The right answer was of course The Smiths (Morrissey) - Girlfriend in a coma.


Mattias said...

Could it be Morrissey with "Shakespears sister"?

Quizzle fo' shizzle said...

The artist is correct, but not the song title. But I'll give you one point for Morrissey.

Jimmie said...

Let the Right One Slip In

Det var nĂ¥got man inte visste.


Quizzle fo' shizzle said...

Sorry Jimmie, but that was the wrong answer.

Niklas said...

Girlfriend in a coma

Quizzle fo' shizzle said...

F I N A L L Y !