Monday, June 28, 2010

Live quiz #12 - Monday July 5th!

Monday July 5th, Quizzle fo' shizzle will be posting a new live quiz.

Live quiz - what is that?

There will be seven questions posted during the day. You will be informed exactly when the questions will appear. The questions will be posted here on

When will the questions be posted?

The questions will be posted Monday July 5th at:

Question #1: 6 AM (06:00) CET
Question #2: 9 AM (09:00) CET
Question #3: 12 AM (12:00) CET
Question #4: 3 PM (15:00) CET
Question #5: 6 PM (18:00) CET
Question #6: 9 PM (21:00) CET
Question #7: 12 PM (24:00) CET

Hope to see you next Monday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

So here it is...

My computer crashed a while ago. That's why there have been so few updates lately. But I promise I will be back soon.