The rules

For every question, you are asked to either guess:
  • the artist/group + the album title, 
  • the artist/group + the song title or 
  • the artist/group.
You don't have to guess the artist/group and the song/album title at the same time. You can always guess the artist/group or the song/album title, and then later guess the other one. But you only have one guess on the artist/group and one on the song/album title. If you only give one answer, you have to write if it's the artist/group or the song/album title you're guessing on.

If you write the right answer and you already have given a wrong guess, that (second) answer won't be valid. There is only one right answer.

Please leave your name or a nickname so I know who you are. Or else I can't put your name in the high score if you have the right answer. If you are new here, please choose a name that doesn't exist in the high score already.

artist/group (1p) + album title (1p) = 2p
artist/group (1p) + song title (1p) = 2p
artist/group = 1p (when I just ask for an artist/group)

(Albums can either be studio albums, live albums or compilation albums.)