Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Live quiz #10 'Movies'

In 15 minutes (5 AM (05:00) CET), the first question will appear here. During the day, you will be presented seven pictures from different music videos. This time the theme is movies. It can be a theme song, a song on the soundtrack or a song that you often strongly associate with the movie. The pictures are from the actual music videos and all the music videos contains elements or actual footage from the movies. It's up to you to recognize which music videos the pictures are taken from and the artists/groups behind the videos.

The other questions will be posted at:
Question #2: 8 AM (08:00) CET
Question #3: 11 AM (11:00) CET
Question #4: 2 PM (14:00) CET
Question #5: 5 PM (17:00) CET
Question #6: 8 PM (20:00) CET
Question #7: 11 PM (23:00) CET

See you in 15 minutes. Good luck!

And don't forget the popcorn!

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