Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello Quizzle fo' shizzle friend Ken!

Name/Nickname: Ken


The first record/tape I bought with my own money was: New York dolls - New York dolls

As a teenager, I spent most of the time listening to: Pizzicato five - One two three four five six seven eight nine ten Barbie dolls

I often listen to music when: I'm driving the Barbie car.

I don't like to listen to music when: I'm sleeping.

When I'm feeling a bit down and need to cheer up I listen to: Jahcoozi - Black Barbie (Modeselektor remix).

Even if you paid me lots of money, I would never attend a concert with: Skinny puppy (because they wrote the song 'Dead doll').

I always felt that this song reflects my life: The Kinks - Plastic man.

Please don't laugh at me, but I really really really like this artist/group/song/album: Jefferson Airplane - Plastic fantastic lover.

(Even if I never dance) this song makes me wanna get up on the dancefloor: Özgur Can - Pick a doll

I never understood why this artist/group has sold tons of records: Pussycat dolls.

This artist/group/song makes me turn off the radio: Aqua - Barbie girl

My biggest/coolest music moment(s) (feel free to brag): Everytime Quizzle let's me participate in the quiz.

Best album cover: Kraftwerk - Man-machine

A small part of Ken's record collection

Worst album cover: Dolly Parton - Backwoods Barbie (Sorry Dolly, I really like you but not this cover)

Best music video: Radiohead - Fake plastic trees

Worst music video: Hole - Doll parts

Best concert: Plastic Bertrand

Worst concert: AC/DC, because when they performed "Stiff upper lip" the whole crowd was looking at me.

Best bandname: New York dolls

Worst bandname: Pussycat dolls

Favorite Quizzle fo' shizzle question: Sigur rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, that was a fun photo shoot.

Thanks for answering the questions Ken! Finally, you obviously like music, is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
Yeah, I really enjoy music. And when I listen to music in Barbie's jukebox, it's almost like the music gets even better! But please don't tell her that, she doesn't like me touching her stuff.

Ken in front of Barbie's jukebox


I'm curious of the rest of you as well! Don't be shy, copy the questions above, answer them with your own words and send them to quizzlefoshizzle[at]gmail[dot]com. I will publish your answers here on the blog. You decide which questions you want to answer, and If you have any photos that illustrates your answers, please send them to me as well (of course it's okay just to send me your answers without any pictures) .

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