Friday, June 26, 2009

Live quiz #5 - Thursday July 2nd!!!

I hope you're enjoying summer and that you've been listening to some great music recently!

Thursday July 2nd, Quizzle fo' shizzle will be posting a new live quiz.

Live quiz - what is that?

There will be seven questions posted during the day. You will be informed exactly when the questions will appear. The questions will be posted here on

If you by any means can't take part on Thursday, heeey that's your problem. Maybe you can pay your uncle or gym instructor to help you out. Or why not ask a cute boy to spend your Thursday together, trying to get some quizzle points. Sounds like a fantastic date!

When will the questions be posted?

The questions will be posted Thursday July 2nd at:

Question #1: 4 AM (04:00) CET
Question #2: 7 AM (07:00) CET
Question #3: 10 AM (10:00) CET
Question #4: 1 PM (13:00) CET
Question #5: 4 PM (16:00) CET
Question #6: 7 PM (19:00) CET
Question #7: 10 PM (22:00) CET

Hope to see you on Thursday!

M.J. R.I.P.

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