Friday, April 3, 2009

Live quiz #2 - Wednesday April 8th!!!

Wednesday April 8th, Quizzle fo' shizzle will be posting a live quiz.

Live quiz - what is that?

There will be seven questions posted during the day. You will be informed exactly when the questions will appear. The questions will be posted here on

If you by any means can't take part on Wednesday, heeey that's your problem. Maybe you can pay your grandmother, neighbour or dog to help you out.

When will the questions be posted?

The questions will be posted Wednesday April 8th at:

Question #1: 4 AM (04:00) CET
Question #2: 7 AM (07:00) CET
Question #3: 10 AM (10:00) CET
Question #4: 1 PM (13:00) CET
Question #5: 4 PM (16:00) CET
Question #6: 7 PM (19:00) CET
Question #7: 10 PM (22:00) CET

Study hard this weekend! See you on Wednesday!

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