Monday, March 9, 2009

Live quiz #1 'Hands'

Welcome to Quizzle fo' shizzle's first live quiz!

In 15 minutes, 5 AM (05:00) CET, the first question will appear here. During the day, you will be presented hands from different (original) album covers. It's up to you to recognize which albums the hands are taken from and the artists/groups who has released the albums.

The other questions will be posted at:
Question #2: 8 AM (08:00) CET
Question #3: 11 AM (11:00) CET
Question #4: 2 PM (14:00) CET
Question #5: 5 PM (17:00) CET
Question #6: 8 PM (20:00) CET
Question #7: 11 PM (23:00) CET

See you in 15 minutes. Good luck!

And by the way, Quizzle fo' shizzle is probably still sleeping now... zzzz... zzzz... ;-)

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