Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Question #139 - completed!

Guess which song it is!
Write your answer under Comments. The person with the first right answer (artist/group + song) wins! Good luck!

Clue #1: They reunited almost 20 years after this song was released... and I guess they did some rethinking about the name of the band.
Clue #2: The name of this boy band is often shortened to the initial letters of the band name, which consists of five words.



And we have a winner! Congratulations Jimmie! The right answer was of course New kids on the block - Step by step (<- listen to the lyrics at 2:44).


Jimmie said...

Hugger till med New Kids on the Block - Step by Step

Quizzle fo' shizzle said...

Jaa, såklart det är! Kände på mig att du också var ett gammalt nkotb-fan! ;)