Thursday, August 21, 2008

Question #135 - completed!

Guess which song it is!
Write your answer under Comments. The person with the first right answer (artist/group + song) wins! Good luck!

Clue #1: The artist has collaborated with the singer in this band.



And we have a winner! Congratulations Sofia! The right answer was of course Santogold - Creator.


Sofia said...

the creator - santogold?

Quizzle fo' shizzle said...

Två poäng till dig!

Sofia said...

Åh, jag börjar bli världsbäst på att gissa! Visserligen har väl google hjälpt till en del, pyttelite bara...

Quizzle fo' shizzle said...

Jag som trodde det endast var skicklighet. ;)